LAN Party Fun

Saturday was a mostly relaxing day, intersprinkled with much swearing and blowing of people up. We headed over to Jason’s place in Surrey around 10 or 11 or something and had a good day of geeking and blowing things up. I also discovered that I can fit a 19″ monitor in the backseat of my prelude. It also complains much less than the people who get to sit in the backseat from time to time.

There was some Quake3 and we did some testing of the new UrbanTerror 3.3 which was released late last week. It was pretty nice. They’ve tweaked the weapons a bit, and there are some new primary guns to choose from. The Negev is a nice addition, though it still has some balance issues I think. It’s only cons are that you can’t have a secondary weapon if you carry it and you get tired quite fast while running around with it. On the upside though, it’s got a 150 round clip, hardly any kick, large caliber rounds and pretty devestating firepower. There are some new maps as well, generally pretty nice lookig and well thought out.

Four of us at the end did some Call of Duty multiplayer testing. The single player game is awsome (recommended by me!) and the multiplayer is fun as well. Probably more fun with more people, two on two on the huge maps they have is a bit much. The game itself is good though, the deathcam (after you get fragged you get to see the last 10 seconds before you died from the perspective of the person who fragged you) is fun to watch.

We didn’t play quite enough quake IMHO, but that’s probably because I got there late and wasn’t there the night before. There was some foosball played as well as some good old down to earth geeking that happened (AMD multiprocessor vs Intel hyperthreading, that sort of thing).