Server Real Close Now

Things are really close now. I’ve basically spent the last few evenings and mornings testing, installing, configuring, bashing my head against the desk, and repeating. However, things are done as much as are needed at this point I think. I have mail, apache and the databases going pretty much as much as I want to without the system being up “for real.”

There is still a bit of a cutover configuration to be done when the current system hard drives are put in the new (old) server, of course (copy over /home, passwords, mail, chmod/chown some files, and that sort of thing.

Now it’s just a matter of getting the box back in to the data center, and I have no idea what the best way to do that is. Maybe I can convince the DF guys to stay late one evening and convince the boss to let me sneak out a bit early. Maybe I can convince Cat5 to sneak out of work early and take the server down for me and do the hard drive swaperoo.

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