UFies.org Re-creation Status

Below is a list of the things currently not working on UFies.org (which came up just fine it seems, many thanks to cat5 and Fred).

  • /home copied over
  • /home permissions Pretty sure this is ok now
  • user accounts accessable
  • permissions tweaked for blog users etc Far as I can tell anyway
  • apache
  • suexec support
  • tdiclub site
  • ufies.org site
  • peer2peer personals
  • xfmail.org
  • postfix (mail)
  • webmail
  • webmail sending without errors
  • https
  • jabber
  • rdiff-backup
  • local scripts
  • pop-before-smtp
  • dns
  • mailman
  • postgres
  • iambe comments
  • mysql databases
  • vnstat
  • ipaudit
  • bigbrother
  • bogofilter (You may have to run bogoupgrade to get things to work properly though)
  • crontab All previous crontabs restored (some minor edits on stuff that is old, check your own if you’re unsure) and all previous crontab users added into the “cron” group. Looking for a way to allow all users though.
  • Server side includes
  • Supermicro stuff – Nope, won’t work until they support 2.6.x kernels 🙁

I’ll check ’em off as things get done. Or think they are done.

5 Comments on “UFies.org Re-creation Status”

  1. Looking good Arc. Thank you so much! I think you deserve a big round of applause.
    You can cross BigBrother off, I’ve got it working for you. It’s just asking for a few proceses that I’m sure you are aware of.
    Not teribly urgent, but should be on the list is Supero Doctor II to monitor the motherboard voltage, temp, etc.