Yesterday’s gym session was a bit different than normal. Lately I’ve been getting a bit bummed out about my lack of progress so I decided to get their baseline evaluation so I’d have something to work from. I know the state of fitness I’m in, so their little report wasn’t any huge surprise, but it was good to have some numbers going so that when I go back in a couple of months I’ll have something to compare against for progress. It took a while, some poking, prodding and pinching, along with a bit of writing on me (to know where to do the fat tests), but all pretty much as I expected.

After this she set me up with a routine for the gym. It was different than what I normally do, a single set of 12-15 instead of multiple sets of (10-8), and with cardio at the end and not the beginning. Not hugely different, but tweaking to what I was doing there which was what I wanted, so when I do go to the gym I’m actually doing good. Oh man did I hurt. At one point I actually had to leave and pray to the porcelain gods thinking I was going to hurl. I guess there is something to be said for going to the gym by yourself versus having someone right there behind you moving you from one exercise to the next and making sure you don’t slack off. No hurling though, just time with my head down helped. Think I drank too much water too quickly or something. I’m hurting this morning as well. Oh wow am I ever. Guess the little tweaks in technique and doing stuff I’m not used to really does do something.

I also had a chance to ask about other things, including diet. Again, no huge surprises there. One thing I didn’t realize that she pointed out was that I generally don’t get any protein until dinner. Breakfast of cereal, lunch of deli meat and fruit. Something to work on.

So on her suggestion this morning I put (with great trepidation) a scoop of plain, unflavored protein powder in my cereal. Other than a tiny “twitch” of taste, it’s not nearly as bad (so far) as I feared. I hope there aren’t any big gross globs when I reach the bottom though, and I don’t know how the cats will react to the bits of milk that I leave at the end for them (update: Rex loves it, and no globs to report).

It’s nice to think that I have something started anyway. Something to get me out of the rut I’m in.