Hardware Day

In theory all my hardware should return to me. New motherboard for naked (this box) and my video card back. In theory. I have no illusions that they can still screw it up and leave me out in the cold for another week.

I also got to borrow an airport card, at least temporarily. $othercoders laptop is going back to the shop for a bit so in a fit of kindness he passed on the tiny little card to me for a couple of days. Of course, I have to wait to borrow his base station (today, more to the theory of a hardware wednesday) to make use at home and see how it works and if it’s something I want to evetually set myself up with.

It was interesting to drive home last night and have macstumbler going and listen (I had it set to talk to me) to it announce that it had found another network. About 50/50 had WEP encryption as well. I was also surprised as to where they were, some were way out in the boonies, beyond where I’d even think they had Internet access!