Funky, I’m now wireless, at least for the weekend. $othercoder lent me his access point to go along with the Airport card for my Powerbook for the weekend. I’m on the couch, no wires, nothing, surfing and updating. Very cool, though two rooms away I’m only getting 2/5 bars. Handy as well since the long patch cable I have stretching to the living room from the office has decided not to work anymore. Not sure if it’s worth the $300 for a card and access point though, but it’s nice to play around with.

5 Comments on “Untethered!”

  1. Oh, it is so worth the money! I don’t know what I’d do without the wireless connection! I even bought a cheaper wireless router so that I could set it up at my parents place so when we’re over there I have a wireless connection as well.

  2. Do you need to use the Apple access point or can you use a cheaper one or is it the card that that costs alot?

  3. yea, I finally moved my WAP into my living room where the laptop spends 90% of it’s time so I could get decent speed.

  4. That’s odd that both you and rascal would get such crappy signal from your wireless access point… I have a cheap D-Link WAP, and I get 80-90% connection, even through two floors of 60-year-old house.