VBScript Piss-off #1,873,427

If I write the following code in the vbscript language (and I use that term lightly):

<%=FirstName%> <%=LastName%>

It should do what? Well, I have the command to print the variable “Firstname”, then a space, and then the command to print the variable “LastName”, so logically, you would think that it would…. print the variable “FirstName”, a space, and then the variable “LastName”, right?


That space? Well, it doesn’t matter enough to even consider. In fact, any whitespace between the “print this variable” codes is completely and utterly ignored. Tabs, linefeeds, more spaces… nada. You have to put a “&nbsp;” html code to get a space in.

Of course, considering the other stupid things that vbscript does, this doesn’t surprise me much. It does piss me off though because it doesn’t make sense. I’m not asking for complete whitespace facism, just sanity.