Video Card Update

I have my windows box back today, but no new video card (too much to hope for I guess). I got a call today around 4pm from the tech at the shop saying “uhmm.. you have a linux OS installed on this box”. “No,” says I, “I have a Linux boot CD in the CD drive, which I was using to test the memory.” (Gentoo‘s LiveCD has MemTest86 on it). “Take it out and reboot and it’ll go into windows.”

Scary that the tech didn’t notice it booting from CD and not hard drive. sigh

So they are going to “do their best to expidite” a new card. They didn’t have much choice of course, three guys tested it already, with at minimum 30 years of technical experience between them. We no be dumb tech guys (coughmcseaplustypefellerscough). So they’re going to try to get a replacement fast, hopefully with a cross ship/advance replacement type thing. I’ll give them a couple of days to get back to me with info, but I’m sure as hell not going to be without my sexy fast video card for the two or four weeks it was gone last time.

The rest of the box is running fine with the Geforce3 (again). CPU is stable and cool, system is running nicely. Yay!

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