How Low Can They Go?

Ok, so it’s the second intermission and the ‘nucks are whoopin’ Calgary by 4-2…. it’s all good. Firefly finds a new show on (go figure) fox called The Swan. The premise, as far as I can tell, is to take two (or there might be more, but this show has only shown two so far) ladies with low self esteem and less than hollywood looks, keep them away from a mirror for three months, put them through plastic surgery, counciling, and exercise, to build them up to be beautiful (hence, the swan). But at the end of the show, the one that’s uglier gets sent home.

Does anyone else find this wrong on so many levels, or is it just me?

Update: Whoohoooooooo!!! Canucks in 4! Canucks in 4!

3 Comments on “How Low Can They Go?”

  1. Wow…. for us it was sick fascination in the commercial breaks of the hockey game. The part I find sicker than people watching it is that people subjected themselves to it. Sure, getting a bunch of free plastic surgery is great, but would you really want to say to your kids “yea, it took $40,000 to make me look like this”.

  2. I refuse to watch this show. These ‘Average Joe’ shows are bad enough where the ‘beautiful people’ always win. Now we have shows where, not only do the beautiful people win, but the “not-quite-beautiful-enough” people lose for that exact reason, you’re not beautiful enough! There is something seriously wrong here. I guess only on fox.
    Thank God for HNIC. Go ‘Nucks Go!!!

  3. My wife and eldest kid are crazy.
    They watched that crap too, in fact halfway through it was bedtime,… so the TAPED it! What a garbage show. Why people would waste 60 minutes of their life of crud like that is beyond me, that is to say, they won’t say why the like it.