Really Wanting Toys

After last nights picture taking and spending time this weekend with friends who have a Canon Digital Rebel, I’m really jonesing for a digital SLR. I haven’t had the Pentax out much because, while I love it, the ease of digital is just too strong to deny for the every day type of picture taking I do at this point. It felt good though, having an SLR in my sweaty little palms again. The P30t is a lot smaller most of the DSLRs today, but still having a real camera that you hold up to your face with a real lense was just all good.

And since I do have a bit of extra money left over after taxes I just need to justify the purchase of a $1400 (or $2200, if I go for the *ist-D… Leon at the camera store was also talking about the Nikon D70 as a decent choice as well) camera over something sane like, putting it in savings, or a vacation somewhere, investments, a house downpayment, you know, reasonable, boring things like that. I think I have Firefly convinced, but who knows… Oh, and making sure my folks don’t freak out. Dad will no doubt understand (he’s the one at fault for getting me into this camera stuff), but mom is a bit harder to convince in matters of money 🙂

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