Weekend Pictures

Yet another example of why I need to set up a proper photo blog… Here are some shots I took over the weekend so far, cats, lan party, spiderman, and such randomness. I’ve been trying to experiment with cropping and the positioning of the subject in the frame to try to create a sense of movement, or posititioning, or whatever it is that separates sucky photos from not-quite-so-sucky ones. I’m not sure I succeeded completely, or partially even, but whatever, it’s past 1 am and I’m tired. Click read more for graphical goodness.

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Nothing special here, just me at the lan party. I didn’t humiliate both Cat5 and Dana and win every round by a landslide simply because my arm movement was slightly restricted, and I’m too much of a sucker to move comfortable, purring cats.
It’s a sucker shot of course, but you have to admit she’s really cute, right? Well, except for the midnight cat racing practices and the early morning “oh, you’re awake, good, now feed me biped slave!
I really liked the sort of overly bright halo effect (some call this “over exposed”) that I got around Corny this evening.
They aren’t the greatest friends (Patches considers “chase Corny and try to piss him off” one of the more amusing games right now. Especially around 1am! I cropped this one to get rid of the extra stuff in the frame. Unfortunately the cats didn’t seem to want to both look at either me or each other at the same time. I was also trying to make it a nice and wiiiiiiide shot.
Playing with macro mode and trying to get interesting close ups of my ring. I like how the light changes from orange (desk lamp) on the left to almost blue (dying sunlight) on the right. If I’d thought about it more I’d have moved it to a more plain surface instead of my grimy desk.
I think mom passed on this Spider-man toy to me a while back and he’s been doing gymnastics attached to various metal objects around the kitchen recently. I decided today that more playing with macro mode would be fun, as Spidey was making some pretty good moves going up the fridge. This was obviously done with the flash (accidently) turned on. The others were way to dark and I didn’t think of turning on the kitchen light until after the batteries had run out in my digital. I took a bunch more with my 35mm SLR but won’t see those till tomorrow sometime, if there’s a developer open that is. None of these shots were exactly what I wanted, I just couldn’t convine the light to go into the camera just how it was into my eyes. Hopefully one of the film shots got it how I wanted. The film has a bunch of super close up macro shots (thanks to the funky close up lense attachments) which will hopefully flatter spidey a bit more.

That’s it, bed time!

One Comment on “Weekend Pictures”

  1. Man you are no better than Neil. Talk the smack down after I kick your ass.
    All I remember is pointing my SR8, squeezing the trigger and hearing you two say… “where the hell is he” for over an hour!
    Ahhhh… great fun. 🙂
    Thanks for a great time dude. Even if you were handicapped with a cat on your arm.