Second Photo Club Meeting

Went to my second Abbotsford Photo Arts Club meeting tonight after the gym. Not that bad, but less interesting than my first meeting. This was a “presentation” night where people did slide shows (as in real slides) and computer slide shows (featuring over done transitions) showing off their work. Not horrible, but I felt I got a bit more from the last one because there was a judge there saying what was good and bad about each picture.

Did get some good info about various things though. There’s a “car rally” in just under two weeks where you convoy through town to certain spots and then take a picture of the area or a subject or theme in the area. Only one picture though, so you’re forced to choose wisely. At the end the pics are sent off for processing and then judging. I’m debating taking digital or 35mm at this point, but I am planning to go.

The second neat thing is that the BC Summer games are looking for people to help out. I think they are looking for photographers as well, and while I won’t pretend to be good enough just yet, I might be able to help out someone who knows what they are doing. Either way I’ll head to the info meeting on Wednesday to see what they are looking for. It’s supposed to be “training” of some sort, so we’ll see what’s up.

Hmm… starting to get tired now, finally!