A Good Workout, the Vomiting Kind

Well, not literally, but close. I decided to pump it up a notch today at the gym, a sign of my renewal to eat smaller meals and do more in the gym like I’m supposed to be doing. Put squat (machine, not free) up to 270 from 250 for 15 reps, leg curl to 130 x 15, etc, etc, etc. About halfway through I started to feel that I’m-working-hard-and-I-love-it! feeling that creeps in. About 10 minutes later it turned into that I’m-working-hard-and-I’m-gonna-hurl feeling. Rested, drank water, walked around and felt better. Finished my workout (all but the cardio at the end that probably is the most important part) and the feeling returned. Decided to can the rest of the workout and (after a few minutes standing nervously in the washroom stall, wondering a) if I’m going to have to pray to the porcelain god and b) if I do will I look like an ass to anyone who happens to come in while I’m puking up whatever was in my guts.

Luckily neither happened and I ended up going home to a slightly sunburned Firefly and a house of cats. Steak sandwiches for dinner (yummy!) and after deciding there was nothing on TV (not that that takes a lot to see of course), decided to get some work done. Work-work, not fun-work (like the photography wiki, getting my system working with prelink, taking or retouching pictures). Managed to kill off all of the TODO notes in the grade manager and now it appears to actually be working. Even the weighted grading functionality appears (at least with my simplest and almost-simplest case checking) to actually even work. I had left this with a bit of frustration sometime today because my head was a bit too far inside, and nothing was making any sense. So I finished up the visible stuff, put a bunch of “TODO – make this actually work” comments in, and headed over to the user manager. Wee…

The grade manager is/was the last “big” (well, so far) project to finish off. Other than the usual fires that’ll come up, only a couple more things are left to do. Famous last words 🙂

Heading to the gym again after work tomorrow for a cardio day. We’ll see how much of the 45 minutes of running I can make as the running contingent in my workout has dropped recently 🙁 Gotta get back into it as well as the weights that I’ve been concentrating on.

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