Happy Canada Day

Well, the plan originally was to sleep in just about as late as I could, slumbering in peace and perfect happiness until my body decided it was time to get up, and then and only then would I slowly surrender sleep and rise up through conciousness, slowly and serenely, until the moment I broke through the surface to find myself awake and perfectly rested.

Sadly, reality was more to the effect of cats attacking my feat, cats whining beside the bed, a headache, a big black tomcat sitting on my chest and trying to lick my nose, a sore neck and arms, a stuffed up nose from allergies, and the sun shining into my eyes that finally got me up at 8am, after a night that did not by any means leave me completely rested.

Might head out to see Spider-Man 2 today, we’ll have to see. The next few days look like they’re going to be pretty hot. Time to stake out a beach somewhere.