I’m GMailed!

Well, Boone @ work was nice enough to send me off a GMail invite. The new email service from <a href=”http://google.com’>Google is pretty nifty. GMail invites (it’s a non-public beta) are all the rage, and even though the market has fallen out (they were selling for $15 at one point, down to under $1.00 now), they still are going strong.

I haven’t gotten any invites of my own to give away, but will let you know when I do get some.

Some software has already become surfacing though as well.

  • Pop Goes the GMail converts GMail to POP3, letting you get your GMail via normal POP3 mail (windows program).
  • G-Mailto converts mailto: links on web pages to point to your GMail compose window (windows program that diddles with the registry).
  • GCount is an OS/X app for checking GMail.
  • A few more at the bottom of the G-Mailto page.

Some of those are ripe for porting to Linux as well. I might even attempt one myself!

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