I Feel Old Now

Wow, I do remember this bit of nostaligia (notching floppy disks to create double density disks)! I don’t think I actually owned one, and I think I actually came into the computer world a little bit later than it was needed. I definately remember having to decide which to buy. I remember having to decide between pre-formatted disks and non-formatted disks. Back in the day it was worth it. Course, these days who has a disk drive, much less remember what floppy disks are? Heck, anyone even have any 5¼” disks?

5 Comments on “I Feel Old Now”

  1. I don’t have any floppies of any size anymore, but not only do I remember having and using both 3.5″ floppies and 5.25″ floppies, but some of the earliest floppies I can remember seeing were those used by the university computer system my mom used when I was a kid — 8″. They looked the same as the old 5.25″ floppies, but were huge ( http://www.ubersite.com/m/17886 ).

  2. Hell I have a 10 inch floppy (and I am not talking from the gutter), and I don’t just feel old I am old. Of course I have tons of 5.25 floppies too. I can remember feeling privileged that my XT had dual 3.5 floppies and an expansion 5.25.
    Gone are the days of WordStar, shit I can remember my boss telling me, when I requested 2MB of RAMM on my first 386DX (a lightening fast business only computer), “what the hell will you use all that RAMM for?”

  3. Yeah, I remember doing that, and I also remember the 8-inch disks which were popular on the TRS-80 Model II business machines. Except for a special disk snipper tool, we had to use the age-old manual method: The SINGLE HOLE HAND PUNCH! That’s right! We came from the POOR side of the tracks, where you had to take another disk to line up the notch and MAKE A ROUND SNIP!
    Somewhere along the way I also acquired a 4-foot hard drive platter I was going to make into a coffee table, but I think my parents threw it out.