Rants on Stupid Reality TV

There’s a lot of really stupid ideas out there in TV land, most revolving around so called “reality” TV shows. Next time anything happens in your real life that’s similar to anything you see on reality TV, let me know. I guess they realized early that “reality” was pretty boring, and to make it worthy of TV they had to go with the “ok, you’re living your normal mundane life…. with 18 naked cheerleaders!” or “ok, you’re living your normal mundane life… but your roommate is Jack the Ripper!“.

  • “Outback Jack”. The latest crap from TBS. Premise: “so you’re a normal dude living out in the outback of Austrailia, working away… and suddenly twelve beautiful but vacuous hot chicks are there to find compete for ‘love’.” Take a bunch of beautiful, though surgically enhance women who shop for a living and put them in the outback, yea, that’s “reality”. Of course, Jack seems to be able to tell each and every one of them how he’s “really connected” with them, or how they are special to him. I have to be honest here (and slipping for a moment into Howard Stern mode), if I was Jack I’d be banging each and every one of these girls, or at least the ones without the injections into their lips anyway. I mean you’ve got a bunch of girls competing for you, may as well let them show you which one really deserves to win! It’s not like they’re ever going to see you again after the show is over. Somehow I really doubt that “love” has anything to do with it.
  • “America’s Next Top Model” had a re-run… I flipped to it saying something about “well, maybe they’ll get naked”. Go figure, the challenge for these young ladies, competing to be in the fashion modelling industry (remember that for a second) is to model diamonds (cool) in and “edgy” setting. Translation: messed up long black hair, dirt and grease on their naked bodies. Oh yea baby. Typical fashion stuff right? They’re posed to hide their nakedness of course, but they are still quite naked.

    Anyway the point of this particular long and rambling segway is that one of the girls, competing in the show to be a model (lets not forget this) is very religious and has some grave misgivings about being naked. “That’s my secret” was what I think she said. Now, I applaud her for her choice of religion, her morals, and what she thinks is right. But didn’t it occur to her for just one second that part of being a “top model” might involve showing some flesh? Maybe the countless half naked or naked women plastered in the magazines all around her every day, nicely desiged to make other women feel bad about their bodies and make them all want to look like anorexic 12 year old boys, were missed. Or she didn’t realize that this might just be part of it. Would you enter sniper school if you didn’t want to kill people?

    More than likely though it was set up that way to bring entertainment and friction to the show. The parts of this year’s season of the same show had a woman with similar doubts about baring it all for a photo shoot. She was the only “plus sized” model in the running, and of course (as I mentioned before), “plus sized” in the fashion industry means “looks like a slightly less anorexic 12 year old boy”.

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