Thanks Again Microsoft

Dear Bill.

Thank you again for adding scripting support to such wonderful programs as Microsoft word, allowing someone else to pass me a lovely W97M/Marker Word macro virus, which helpfully asks me if I’d like to wish Shankar a happy birthday twice each time I open or close a document. This has let me not do as much of that “work” stuff but instead have more fun surfing anti-virus sites and trying to dis-infect my mac.

Yes, a mac! Because of your continued dedication to cross platform support for all your products (cough), this macro has the ability to run on both the Windows and Mac versions of the program.

Thanks again!



6 Comments on “Thanks Again Microsoft”

  1. Weird; Entourage doesn’t support the scripting objects (via VBScript) necessary to enable macro viruses, but Word does? Perhaps there’s some implementation detail I’m missing, and Entourage is more vulnerable that I expected.

  2. Yeah, but cut to the chase,
    how do I kill it.
    Its freekin everywhere at my non-profit.
    open office here we come.
    Seriously if you folks know how to purge it please contact me.