Looking for Home Design Software

Anyone know of any good home design software? I’m looking for programs that will allow you to load an image of your house and see what paint colors look like, interior layout programs to arrange furniture, etc. Stuff like what Ikea has for office and kitchen, but different.

Pointers appreciated.

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  1. Home Depot comes to mind as well, but mostly because I’ve been researching the software itself for ideas on a tool to use in our company. In any case, the folks at Big Hammer Software do the software that Home Depot uses in their kiosks. http://www.bighammer.com/

  2. You can usually get software like this from Home Depot… but you’ll end up paying through the nose for it unless you can find it in a clearance bin.
    Alternatively, you could just photoshop some pictures after scanning in paint chips… it’s not nearly as accurate, but you’ll get an idea.

  3. ChiefArchitect is really really good, although expensive. They have a free demo that might work for your purposes.
    Years ago there was a super-lite version of it for $50 or something, but I can’t remember exactly what it was called. ChiefHome or something.

  4. Chief Architect is great software; it will cost you around $1500; if that’s too much they make a consumer version for around $100 – Better Homes and Gardens Home Designer – probably find it on Amazon or CompUSA.
    I don’t think Home Depot carries software – they should!