Very cool…. this is a bit old but someone wrote a system where you could use your GMail webmail accounts (still some available, email me or post a message if you want one of the 6 I still have) as a remote filesystem for Linux. GmailFS allows standard UNIX file operations (read, write, symlink, etc) on your remote 1G of space. I was thinking it’d be even geekier if you used several accounts for doing Raid. However since you can’t create a filesystem or really do a “mkraid” on it, that’s probably out. Still a neat hack though, even if it’s totally against the GMail service agreement 🙂

BTW, having more pop in one night than you do in a month means you’re up at 1am without wanting to be. Of course, in this case it was about 2 and a half glasses of coke.

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