Homeowner in 3… 2… 1…

Well, it’s almost all done. I was in the lawyers office today signing the final papers, and writing the largest check I’ve ever written (well, actually getting the largest certified check I’ve ever had). Also signed myself into the largest amount of money I’ve ever owed, lots of fun. But in three or so days I’ll be a “Homeowner” and a day after that I get to move in (why? no idea, but for some reason there’s a twelve hour lag time between ownership and moving in date).

Firefly and FireflyMom have been madly planning, and sounds like in addition to getting the smell of pot out of the house, putting down floors, ripping out walls in the kitchen, redoing the master bedroom and second bedroom, they are also talking about redoing the kitchen right from the get go. Lots of work, but I have the time I guess. I suppose for some things there’s no time like the present, and if they can get it planned and executed hell, I’d be stupid to say no. We actually found colors we both agree on as well, and some nice granite slate for the countertops that was dirt cheap. Sucks that there’s still three days before the actual work can get started, but I still have to finish Doom 3…. 🙂

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