My Windows Rants for the Night

  • Installing an application from Office should not replace my current default email program settings, and replace the icon in my start menu with that of Outlook. That’s rude. I know that MS wants me to use nothing but it’s products, but please, that just pisses me off.
  • Windows Media Player 10 should:

    • Know if there is an update, even if the current install is a beta, I don’t like seeing “click here to upgrade to WMP10” and click help->check for updates to see ‘no updates available’.
    • Not use my default browser to open links

At least installing WMP10 didn’t make me reboot….

That is all, good night.

4 Comments on “My Windows Rants for the Night”

  1. Can you remember how many reboots SP2 required? I think that rebooting has become so ingrained into Windows users that we don’t even notice anymore.

  2. I haven’t actually put xpsp2 on my computer, but when I did my other windows box I seem to remember it was just one, which is normal, basically a kernel update right?