Need Sleep

Last couple of nights I haven’t been able to get to sleep, and end up out here on the computer until one or two am. Not good. I always am too hot, or too cold, or have too many things running through my mind and just have to aimlessly surf or do email or much around with my systems until my brain gets fuzzy and I start yawning (like I’m starting to now), and then I can sleep.

Took possession of the house today, got the key (second one is going to be dropped off by the owner thursday) and started stripping wallpaper in the bathroom out. Sean dropped by, and then Cat5 a bit later, and then dad, and everyone got the inside tour to see the massive changes being planned and schemed. Now we have things all finalized I just want the construction to begin now so it can be over sooner. Only 22 days before it has to be livable ya know? 🙂

Maybe my headache (another contributing factor to not being able to sleep tonight) was caused by the still lingering pot smell in the new place. Maybe not. Going to get ozonators tomorrow and a couple of days of having the windows open should get it back to smelling normal quickly. I hope.

While aimlessly surfing I hit this post on Jeremy’s blog talking about Google AdSense, of which I’m a participant, still awaiting my first check. The funny thing is that I saw the entry, read the linked stories and then checked my email, and lo and behold I got a comment from the AdSense people asking me to remove some of the language (encouraging people to do things that are against the Terms of service of the program). I immediately did and sent an email back saying “all done I’m nice now please send me a check pretty please”.

Some of the folks talking in the links that Jeremy pointed to were getting rebellious and protesting and bitching about Google being draconian and such, but my thoughts are it’s their program they can police it as they like, change the Terms of Service as they like or in fact, do whatever they want. I’m being paid (well, in theory I will be) for doing nothing more than putting some javascript on a couple of pages on my site, and if I can cover my hosting fees for UFies, I’m more than happy with that. There is, by the way, a “donate” link on the main page, if anyone is feeling generous in this time of strife.

Tomorrow will be a long and interesting day. Head to the gym, pick up eggs on the way back, breakfast, shower, head back out to pick stuff up, head back to town to do stuff, head way in towards Vancouver to pick up an Ozonator, head back to Misison to put it in (or to Maple Ridge to pick up the other Ozonator), and so on, and so forth. Maybe somewhere in there spend a couple of hours at home at the computer to educate myself about .NET and it’s technologies, but might not have the time.

Way too much to do right now.