When Websites Go Bad

Ok, this is just bad. I’m looking for some info on server monitoring services and find noscito remote services and check it out. It’s got, well, a couple of big problems.

  • the text on the main page that you enter on (from the google ad anyway) has frames (which is evil in it’s own way, but these days acceptable evil) and the main content frame has only an image. What does Firefox do with images by default? Scale them! So the text is tiny and you click on it and suddenly it’s the right size. It’s not like they don’t know there is more than IE out there either, the main page is full of javascript to detect old browsers and do interesting things with them.
  • Clicking on the downloads link loads a PDF in the main content area, so the browser (IE or Firefox) will pause, load, and then give you an embedded PDF.
  • Actually all the pages on the site seem to be images, and it’s not like the information they are displaying is anything significantly wonderful that it couldn’t be represented in HTML quite nicely. They are doing checks for older browsers for their menu rollovers, I’m sure they can do it for the content if they’re that worried about the font displaying nicely. I mean, ignoring that they are ignoring people without broadband, having your content text represented in image form is just silly isn’t it?

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