Some Better News

Still no job news, but I have my insider looking out for me in that area, and hear that they are interviewing another person (who hopefully isn’t nearly as good as I am), and hopefully will hear something by… the end of today? Monday? Fingers crossed.

Some good news is that the police called yesterday and said that they had gotten a warrant for the house and had recovered a bunch more tools. Not all, and some of the ones they got weren’t the ones that we wanted back (I heard more than one “why did they have to find that one, I wanted a new one of those!” comment), and they didn’t find the really funky ones we wanted (the gas powered chop saw is still MIA). However the compressor and some of Cat5’s tools are back in friendly hands… hopefully we can get them back tonight and not have to wait for too long. The fact that the RCMP not only came out, but came out twice (second time was forensics), and then pushed to get more tools back after they found a few is hugely impressive to me, and destroys some of my cynicism.

The house progress has been slow lately, or it’s felt that way, probably because it’s the construction phase now and it feels a lot slower than the destruction one. The guys to come over and finish up the ceilings are what we’re really waiting for, and I’m told they’ll be over this weekend. Once that is done it’s painting and then floors, and suddenly everything comes together. Things are still being cut short though, as we’re out of here in 6 days! Today the plan is to get the walk in closet painted and the floor in the basement done. The beam in the middle of the house that’s supposed to be holding everything up needs to be put in (to replace the house jack 🙂 and the half cut hole in the dining room floor needs to be converted into a full hole, and then the sliding door installed on it.

Now I wait until my laundry is done and head over to start working at it.

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