Wrap-Up for Today, Good(er) News

Few quick points about my day today.

Second interview went well, many nice things said, now it’s just a waiting game for something to come through. Fingers crossed, but I have high hopes!

Tools are still gone, but a call from the Constable that is dealing with the B&E called and got the list of equipment, as they had come by three of the items that were identified as ours, and are trying to get a warrant where there will be (I hope!) a pile of all our tools complete and un-busted. One of the saws had a blade broke off when they were taking off with it so we had the broken end, so hopefully that’ll help with probable doubt or something.

An officer from Ident (the forensics department) came by and got some good fingerprints off the broken window. The fact that they not only sent someone out to talk to us, but followed up with a forensics guy was very good to see, it’s hard for me to be cynical and think that the RCMP don’t care about simple Break and Enters anymore. Well, at least where we are now, maybe it was just a slow day though 🙂 Fingers crossed for this as well.

Now it’s off to do a bit of accounting and then hit the bed, I need it!