Who is Your Superhero?

Darren asks who is our superhero?

Howard Stern? The number of hot girls he gets to undress for him and the dirt that he can convince people to tell him (and his millions of listeners) makes me wonder if he has super powers of some sort….

That guy from Unbreakable? He was a pretty cool imagining of a “real” superhero who is in our “real” world.

Maybe we don’t have one, or we don’t remember because we got old? Back in the day were the mutant ninja turtles our superheros? Did the people from the 50’s know that superman was their superhero, or something so grand, or was he just another character in stupid kids books?

Maybe this generation has a superhero already and we don’t know it (as 20-30somethings) because it’s some stupid sunday morning cartoon that is all modern and new and has none of the charm of the real cartoons from “back in the day”.

Another thing is that superheros are timeless in a way. They have all pretty much been re-invented over the last 50 years, some (superman, spiderman, x-men, et all) more than others, and some of the new ones (I assume anyway) are kept and re-written through a darwinian marketing system where if the new character ends up interesting enough he’ll be re-invented sometime down the road by another writer or artist.

Maybe the Internet, a television in every room and MTV killed our superhero? Probably the best answer is to ask the nearest 7 year old, I’m sure he knows better than you or I!

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