Evening Entertainment is Seeing Your Waitress Being Arrested

Well, my devious plans of spending the entire day today playing Half Life 2 were waylayed by Cat5 inviting me out for brunch, and then watching the football game. Oh well. Did get some playing after that though. Around 8 Firefly came home and we and her folks went out for dinner at the pub down the road. As I drove in there was a bunch of people milling around outside and two cop cars and cops there. Went inside, ordered. After we had ordered our waitress is talking to the cops at the top of the stairs out of the area we’re in and all of a sudden one of them is turning her around and handcuffing her! I figured at first they were friends and were just kidding around or something, or she had asked to see what it was like or something… you know, not serious. Looking at the cop you can see they were not joking and I heard her say something like “You’re going to arrest me for…. I did not just lip you off!” before she was led away.

An evening of entertainment worth more than the standard 15% tip!

She was back later though, nothing was explained to the lowely customers, but I’m guessing they were influencing her to be a bit more cooperative or something.