House Warming Wrap Up

Well, the housewarming last Saturday went pretty well. and we had great food and good company from friends and family. More people than I expected actually showed up, which was awsome. To those who brought good wishes, birthday and housewarming gifts, and in fact, all involved, thanks hugely, I had a blast and can’t wait to do it again. And hey, I have a house now, so I can do this sort of thing! 🙂

There were also folks from just after noon till 10 or 11 at night, with some showing up just as others left. There was also some work done amazingly enough (other than the running around for the two days previous to make the place look livable).

My buddy Brad brought over a chainsaw and (after ridiculing it for being small, electric, and un-manly), used it to cut down the dead tree that had fallen down in the wind a few nights previous and was lying precariously along the back of the yard at around a 45 degree angle. After that we used it to remove the horribly purned plum tree that was blocking where the deck will go. This was all done amidst comments of “no, that’s ok, you do it” and “do you think this is a good idea?” followed by the inevidable “sure, go for it [while taking several steps back]”… well that and comments from the peanut gallery watching from the windows.

I feel kinda bad about this part because just as we were going out to do this a couple of the girls from my previous work arrived and they didn’t really know anyone but me, who was heading out to do manly things in the backyard. Luckily they knew Firefly a bit, and there were a couple of couples with babies who came so they could do girly things and admire the little’uns. Hopefully things’ll work out better next time for that sort of thing.

Surprisingly little computer gaming infringed on the socializing. There was a period where I showed the flatout demo that I raved about before. Well, that and people trying to get into my then-unopened copy of Half Life 2.

Some pictures from the event, in their uncut and raw form are here, mostly taken by WhiteNight with his sexy 12-24mm lens on the Canon 300D. Mostly of the outdoor work though.

Next one will be a lan party, as soon as the downstairs room is cleared out.