I Am (Not) the Kung Fu Master

Or, how to kill yourself in N easy steps.

  1. go to the gym after not going for two months and do the same workout you were doing before, including a 25 minute run
  2. go to bed really late, like 1:00am
  3. realize at 1:10am that you forgot to log into a client server and restart a service in off-peak hours
  4. go to bed (again) at 1:20am-ish
  5. wake up a bit over 5 hours later
  6. come home after work, have a light dinner
  7. head to a free introductory class at the karate gym right next to work to check it out
  8. do an hour of intese cardio and physical workout harder than aformentioned gym trip, with your body stupidly not knowing how it’s supposed to move yet

Ouch. I hurt.

See, the other day I finally pulled out the right box and the gym clothes that I thought the house had eaten in the move were revealed. Not having gone to the gym for ages (a good two months at this point, though only since after we’ve stopped doing major renos has this become a problem), I was jonesing to get back and doing something other than sitting and watching TV. So I headed to the gym, but on the way I stopped by the karate gym next door to check it out. I’ve always wanted to do some sort of martial art (watch enough kung fu movies and you get that way), and figured I’d check it out. $dude (who insisted on calling me “Rick”, even after I just told him my name, multiple times) said to come back the next night to check out the adult class.

So tonight I had a few awsome homemade perogies and then went there. Basically it consisted of a warmup including running around in various ways (sometimes sideways, backwards, etc), dropping for pushups a couple of random times, stretching, and some sit-ups. By the end of this I was sweating and breathing hard. Then there were exercises, kicks, punches, back and forth along the floor. A bit like the fencing I did a couple of years back, repeating the same move over and over across the floor and getting a really good work out from it. I’m not sure if this is a standard class or not, or what happens on other nights, but it was a hell of a workout. The cardio kickboxing they do is supposed to be a good workout, so that scares me.

Part of the problem was that in a t-shirt and sweatpants and in a room full of mirrors, doing actions that my body wasn’t used to, I really didn’t look good, in terms of grace or physical fitness (hence the desire to hit the gym or do more stuff and less non-stuff (like this, sitting and updating my blog)). Of course, doing this sort of thing would be a good way to fix that, I did make it to the end of the class without passing out you see. Since there isn’t a good squash/raquetball gym nearby, this is an option. Of course, at $99 per month, it’s an expensive one. I think I’ll stick with the gym for a while longer, now I’m getting back into it anyway.

I fear what I’m going to feel like tomorrow.

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