Morning Photos

A few photos that have been accumulating on my desk that I figure it’s finally time to post. First up is a shot of the moon that I took last night. I thought it might be too dark and the tree I framed it with didn’t show up, but it turned out that a) I suck at photoshopping the dark and light versions together and b) a bit of playing (thought not much) made it look ok.

Read on for more…

When I went to the camera show with dad I stopped on the way to take a couple of shots at the misty morning.

This one I played around with a Lomo photoshop action, as I’m not cool enough to have a real Lomo… Looks funky I think.

This was taken through the front window of the tree in the front yard while I was bored and home alone one day.

And finally, to prove I can take more than just pictures of random nature bits and cats, a great shot of firefly and patches that I found while digging through things last night.