LOTR Movie Night Plans

For anyone planning a Lord of the Rings Movie night, someone on slashdot has setup a schedule. 11 and a half hours of movie is a long time to sit. Of course, seeing the trailer (quicktime) for the new +50 min Return of the King makes me think it’d be ok.

6 Comments on “LOTR Movie Night Plans”

  1. You got the schedule now Alan. Now pick the date. I’ll be there!
    One note… please have strawberries and coolwhip ready for the pancakes.

  2. Dec 27 at Neil’s “new” condo is the tentative date, I just haven’t gotten around to sending out the “official” email. Also a house warming party for yours truly
    Yes, that’s a monday, but due to 25/6 falling on Sat/Sun, Mon IS a stat, and Tues is a stat for some… 🙂
    If enough are interested, we can do 1 & 2 on the 26th or something 🙂

  3. LotR:TYEBEE (Lord of the Rings: Till Your Eyes Bleed Extended Edition)

    7am: friends arrive, pancake breakfast. / 8am: Fellowship of the Ring (~4+ hrs) / 12:30pm: Lunch / 2:00pm: The Two Towers (~3 1/2 hrs) / 5:30pm: Dinner / 7:00pm: Return of the King (~ 4 1/2 hrs) / 11:30pm: Eyes ooze out of our sockets, bedsores open on…