New Stuff!

Well, after two months we have finally done our first loads of laundry in the new house. After some fighting with plumbing fittings and a battle to figure out how to convince the washing machine to let us open the door, it all works! Well, technically the dryer timer is busted so it won’t stop automatically, but that’s way better than having to go to the laundrymat in town. Did I ever mention that they almost doubled their prices in the space of just under a month? Yea, first time I went in it was $1.25 per washer load, the next week it’s suddenly $1.50, and then the week after, $2.00. Bastards.

2 Comments on “New Stuff!”

  1. Wow, how dang Fancy is that?
    Highway robbery on the washer prices. Any excuse to gouge and no one to stop them. People wonder why I am so neurotic about hanging clothes to dry as opposed to using the dryer which I only use for linens and towels.

  2. The washer is pretty fancy, but the pair cost nothihng… washer is a handmedown from my uncle and the dryer is from Andrea’s mom’s collection…