New Stuff

I know I haven’t posted any “after” pics for a while, so I’ll do that soon. However, exciting things happened today. We got a washer and dryer in! Firefly’s folks did some awsome work and loaded up the washer dryer that we’d been storing at their place and brought it, along with a storage crate full of furniture over. The furniture are things like a china cabinet, bedside table, dresser, and so on. This is stuff that isn’t really ours I guess, as FireflyBro was saying that we were stealing his stuff, but until someone comes along to take it, well, you know what they say about possession being 9/10th of the law 🙂

Of course, now my nice, open, uncluttered house (well, it was getting that way) has gotten a bit fuller. The basement is still relatively uncurrupted though, other than boxes of stuff as yet unpacked, so that might be the last holdout. Or something like that.

It’s also really nice to have the washer/dryer as well. Finally no more having to go to the laundrymat. Not only because packing up bags of dirty laundry, sitting like a zombie while waiting for a machine, waiting like a zombie while things wash and dry, well, not a lot of fun. Of course, we haven’t actually tested the washer or dryer yet, so I’m not sure if they even work. As luck would have it the pipe we have to attach the washer to is missing the handle, so tomorrow it’ll be (yet another) trip to the hardware store to get the part. Then I get to see if things actually work or not 😉