Alabama Likes Segregation

Ah, just what I needed to restore my faith that mankind, in general, are morons and have no right to continue living in this universe. No wonder aliens haven’t visited us, they probably looked down and saw the crap that we do and posted a huge “bio-hazard” warning sign.

Seems that Alabama had to vote to remove wording in their state constitution supporting segregation. If that doesn’t blow your mind, the vote fucking failed. Less than 50% of the people who voted think that removing the wording in the state constitution that is there to oppress people who aren’t white.

Let me say that again for those who didn’t hear it or read the story on CNN.

Alabama vote to keep wording in the state constitution supporting segregation and poll taxes. Isn’t this the country that loudly proclaims that every man woman and child, regardless of race, creed or color? Isn’t this the country that invaded and killed thousands of civilians, military combatants, and hundreds of their own kids to uphold these ideals in a country halfway around the world? What the hell is wrong with the world? Why is this even a question!?

Oh man, if I were king of the world, and heavens know I should be, because I seem to be able to grasp some of the really simple concepts that approximately 651,850 folks down south don’t seem to, as well as hundreds of other questions whose answers are blindingly obvious to me, most of the people that I know, and 48% of the third graders I asked.

Of course, they have (as always) a great excuse:

[…] the measure also would have removed language that said there is no constitutional right to an education at public expense in Alabama. Opponents said removing it could have led to huge, court-ordered tax hikes for schools.

So instead of say, changing the language to simply remove the (unenforced thank god) language ordering segregation in schools while leaving the rest of things as they are, well sheyit, just leave it as it is, them dark skinned folks don’t mind do they?

Gads. Give me a year as king of the world and I’ll fix all this stuff up, I swear. I’ll start with this and move on to other simple questions, such as “should we allow big companies to pollute more?” In a way I guess I can see how Bush likes to distill complex problems down to short and simple sentances, they’re easier to understand that way. Of course, being simple to understand should imply that one makes the obvious decision, that that’s another rant.

John Farmer’s opinion piece is also a good read.