Have I Found My Calling?

Spent last weekend, grudgingly, over at Cat5’s new place helping him lay new laminate flooring. It was basically the same start time as during the week, up at 7, but we cut out at 6 or 7 each night. A couple of his friends from work were there at the start of Saturday morning, helping us get going. After they left it was mostly us, and I found I got quite good (and fast IMHO) putting down the floor, at least for a first timer. Heck, after I figured out that measuring consistantly (ie: ignoring the tongues all the time) my boards even started looking good!

The laying of the floor was almost fun, it certainly was nice to feel I’d actually accomplished something at the end of the weekend (and the floor in the place looks good! Dude, throw me some of the before and after pics to show 🙂 Course, the things I accomplished weren’t at my place, where I need to clean up the cut down trees in the backyard, get Christmas shopping, decorating, tree and lights, etc etc etc and etc. I say almost fun because my back and legs are just now recovering. Going from standing to kneeling all day when you’re used to sitting on your ass makes for a big change. The look of the place is good though, I’m going to have to look at putting something like that in my next place.

One Comment on “Have I Found My Calling?”

  1. I put laminate flooring throughout the whole upstairs of my house. It took me a week to go from back to front, the only room that didn’t get it was the bath room. I also put in the living/dinning room. It looks good and once you get in a groove it doesn’t take as long to lay down.