Cats Watching Squirrels

This weekend Firefly set up a couple of birdfeeding stations in the backyard in the snow and on Sunday we all (cats included) had great fun watching birds and squirrels enjoying the nuts and seed left out for them. I at one point was upstairs, prone, my 70-200mm lens pointing out the open deck door (the one sans-deck) with Corny lying on my back and watching over my shoulder as I frantically snapped shot after shot of the animals.

2 Comments on “Cats Watching Squirrels”

  1. Beware the squirrel! My cousins had squirrel problems around their house; they had to cut a hole in thier interior wall to remove dead squirrels, which had eaten their way into the attic and fallen into the walls. You can imagine the smell.
    They are cute bastards, but feeding sqirrels is just like feeding mice and being surprised when you find mouse turds in your pots!