New Phone Rants

So I got a new phone a bit ago, the Motorola v551, flip phone, camera attached, etc etc. First I had problems with the battery, I think that more than one day of standby time is a reasonable expectation, expecially if the phone itself is only used for about 3 minutes worth of calls. So yesterday I wandered into Abbotsford after work and got a new battery. So far so good today, but who know, I’ll see in a few days how the battery is.

One thing I bought the phone for was because I was told I could sync via bluetooth with my laptop. Cool stuff! So I asked the salesdroid when I got the battery about how to do this because the manual for the phone sucks donkey balls. Call this (Rogers) number. Ok, today I call rogers and the phonedroid. They say I’m talking to the wrong department, transfer me somewhere else. Phonedroid #2 hummed and hawed an bit and then said I had to talk to motorola itself about this (hey, great support guys, thanks for that).

On the phone with phonedroid #3 and she tried to direct me to the part of the website that she thought I needed to go to. Too bad it didn’t exist. She then talked to someone else, then someone else, and then finally decided I needed to talk to software support.

Around this time a(nother) hellish work call came in, so I had to cut out of there, but I did find the software needed.

Free download? Nope. $50, or, $100 for the software and a data cable. Screw that! Geez, the whole point of getting this phone was so that I could avoid the cost of syncing by internet (cost per kb) or buying a hugely overpriced cable ($50? I think not!). So much for that idea, or my concept that bluetooth connections “just work”.

3 Comments on “New Phone Rants”

  1. 1) Root problem –> the fact you got a Motorola
    2) See point one
    3) Make sure you understand point two
    4) … ahh, you get the idea
    Don’t get me wrong, I used to like Motorola’s phones back in the old Digital Startack days. Not any more. Their build quality seems to have fallen quite a bit and they’re just carrying themselves on the rep of their old phones.
    Also, not all Bluetooth phones are created equal. Even to see about syncing w/ Windows, I’d check the iSync page on Apple’s website to see about compatibility. If they say it’ll work with iSync, you can probably get it to work with Windows. I know for a fact though that there are Motorola Bluetooth phones that don’t work with iSync+Bluetooth. I suspect that that’s one of the models you bought. Ya, it probably has some kind of Bluetooth capability but nothing that’s actually useful. It’s just so the marketing droids can check off their little feature list requirement.