Sometimes I Just Have to Answer

I replied to a comment posted on this post by email.

IP Address:

Name: jessica
Email Address:

well tanks alot you didnt help me now i have no mns messangert and the person tat hacked it will be free and then it could hack into everyones msn messanger why im saying this is because all these people you dont helpp ahhah they will come to your site and leave a nasty letter like i did light peace out!!!!

Hi Jessica.

Just wondering if you saw anywhere that people are getting passwords
for people, or just a list of morons posting "give me the password to
my account" comments and decided to add your name to the list? You
really think that there's some team out there that hacks peoples
passwords for them? How would they know that you're the owner of the
account and not someone trying to steal it (like half the morons on the page)? Did you bother to try the 'I forgot my password' page? Did you search the msn page on how to get your password back? I doubt it.

Also, my "site" was not even related to MSN passwords, and I get far
more enjoyment out of people posting nasty things here than I get pain.

Peace out baby.


Yup, it’s my fault I didn’t get your hacked MSN password back that you asked for on a random webpage that has no relevance to hacking anything. Uh huh. Gotta love people!

Sadly, the email bounced.

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