Creating a DVD from an AVI

Kudos to Raskal for pointing out WinAVI for use in creating a DVD from an AVI. I had checked out other methods which involve about 80 steps, that you keep notes on bitrate calculations, running one program to extract audio, another for video, another to encode, etc, and I think I gave up around halfway through. WinAVI however is literally a two click process. Choose source file, choose destination format. Click

Works pretty well too. My experimental DVD this morning was great, with only two caveats.

  • 16:9 format on normal TV format squished people. Luckily my TV happens to come with a 16:9 button which compensates for this.
  • Quality is nowhere near as good as it looks like playing on the computer or a computer’s TV out. This is due to the lack of some post-processing filters that normally are in use when playing AVIs on the computer. Not sure if doing the conversion the hard way would render this better or not though.

Thanks for the pointer Raskal.

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