I Got Served

… literally! I’ve been waiting for it for a few days now, but today the officer that was the one to arrive after we got robbed pulled up and handed me the paperwork to get me into court on the 18th. He figured they’d do a deal of some sort so hopefully I won’t be caught up in court all day, but who knows. Whatever happens I’m pretty sure it’ll be pretty boring 🙂 I’m still shocked and awed that this has made it this far, and that it was all thanks to a broken sawsall blade…

One Comment on “I Got Served”

  1. Don’t count on that date holding. I’ve been served twice as a witness. Both times the dates were postponed (approx. 6months) and once I made it to the prep room before a deal was struck and the other time I was told I wasn’t needed.
    Hope it goes well.