Not Price Gouging At All

The fact that gas has gone up 23 cents over night and there is a long weekend approaching is a pure coincidence. That jump (up from the stable price for the last few months) is purely a random happening. Honest.

8 Comments on “Not Price Gouging At All”

  1. Finally you guys are back up to Vancouver prices… About time! 😉
    Gas in Vancouver/Richmond has been hovering around 85-97cents for regular for a couple of months now and there is no 3.5cent discount.
    PS, what is Silverdale at these days?

  2. John and Carol have noticed that the gas stations in Abby raise their prices in the morning, and lower them at nights.

  3. For once living in Edmonton has a perk, it’s only around 84.9 or so… with a 3.5 cent rebate at 90% of the pumps.
    Of course we have had 25 cm of snow or something gawdawful like that in the past few days. I guess things even out.

  4. It’s not the price so much as the fact that they are up 23 cents overnight. 25cm of snow?? BWAHAHAHAHAH!
    …. sorry 🙂

  5. I’ll check diesel on my way home tonight. My VW is gas so I don’t pay attention to diesel. I did hear this morning on CBC that Aggassiz still had gas for ~ 69.9.

  6. What’s diesel out that way now? Last time I was out in Chilliwack, instead of it being close in price, it was 25cents more a litre than gasoline…
    Me thinks you guys have been getting a great deal compared to the rest of us.;)