Dreaming About Microsoft

I had a seriously messed up dream last night. I was at the microsoft campus, and for some reason was being shown an unreleased version of visual studio (2005 maybe?). Robert Scoble was there as was another lady who was a programmer and was showing me things in the system. At one point I saw some oddness in the UI, a missing “:” on a label, or a strangley put together dialog box, and mentioned it. The lady nodded understandingly and then made notes to fix it! I was overjoyed! Empowered! I felt myself being sucked into the Microsoft kool-aid vortex! I said that they should bring me back later and I could go through and give them more feedback (obviously they didn’t have people that could do that already), and they agreed. I told Robert “now this is getting users involved!”

Sadly, this was a dream. However, since it was a dream I can reveal a few details of the upcoming release of windows that I was privy to in my dream. They have changed the BSOD screen color. It’s now more of a dark grey-ish blue, and the text has a cool frame around it with a Giger-like monster (or was it Doom 3 like?) either in the frame or animated underneath the BSOD screen dump.

I guess in a couple of years I’ll get to see if I’m clairvoyant or not!

2 Comments on “Dreaming About Microsoft”

  1. …the text has a cool frame around it with a Giger-like monster (or was it Doom 3 like?)
    Actually, that’s just the logical conclusion of MS continued descent into the bowels of everything that is evil — the CthulhuOS!
    Comes complete with a licence agreement that binds you for eternity as soon as you break the shrink wrap.

  2. I feel your fear. Every day, I slip a little bit closer to becoming a Microsoft bedfellow. Sure, it starts out innocently enough… an Educational Pricing copy of .NET 2003… an optical mouse here or there.