I Hab a Code

Oh body why hast thou forsaken me!? I did so well over the weekend, I got work done, I was out in the sun, I was out with friends…. monday morning I woke up with a bit of that achey feeling you get, just a little. Had a tiny bit of a sniffle as well. Halfway through work I was sneezing, sniffing, and generally feeling not all that great. Came home and put as much “anti-sick” stuff in my body as possible… chicken noodle soup, some sort of natural cold medication that was recommended to me called Cold-FX, and neo citran. Even went for a walk around the block on scoobyDs recommendation. I even went to bed early, 10pm, right after 24.

It’s like my body doesn’t want me to get sleep, or I’m subconciously sabotaging it… sunday night I had two cups of tea just before bed without thinking about it, and while I was in bed at 11, I ended up getting up and playing on the computer because I couldn’t sleep until 1, giving me 6 hours of sleep. Tonight I was up at 12 and 4, and now it’s 4:30 and I’m up again because all I’m doing is lying on my back and feeling my body go hot and cold and feeling stuff gush around inside my sinuses. Oh, and I’m friggin’ starving as well, chicken noodle soup isn’t the most filling of dinners you know. Ugh. Another 6 hours. I shouldn’t even be considering going to work but I am, just a little, on the off chance I can beat this thing by the morning. Well, that and the managers meeting is tomorrow and they order out lunch for us 🙂

Actually the real reason I’m considering it is that I hate being home sick. In theory it’s not that bad, relaxing, you can sit on the couch and not worry about anything, but in reality I end up sitting and craving something to do, daytime TV makes me want to shoot myself, and there’s only so much mindless surfing you can do. I end up going stark raving mad after a while. Guess I’ll see when I get up in the morning. Oh wait, I’m already up.

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