I Hate Spammers

Man, sometimes I really hate the internet. I mean really hate it. Seems that someone has decided that using <random name>@arcterex.net was a pretty good idea when sending out spam to just about every .br domain out there. So for the last 3 or 4 days, in addition to random normal spam that sneaks past my bogofilter filters, I’m being flooded with mailer bounces from these .br domains. Lots of fun. They are coming in random spurts, in between leaving work and finishing watching ER (hey, leave my alone, my thursday night is my own dammit!) I cleaned out a couple of hundred. There’ll probably another 100-200 by tomorrow morning. And of course I can’t do anything about it. It’s not my server sending the mail of course, it’s other open relays and someones spamming program choosing my domain as a scapegoat. About the only thing I can do is remote the rule that says all email to anything @arcterex.net, but that’ll kill off my ability to track things by using my own random @arcterex.net addresses (very useful for signing up to things).


4 Comments on “I Hate Spammers”

  1. Well, the thing is that it’s not to the .br, it’s to @arcterex.net addresses from random sites in .br. I have postfix set to drop anything being sent out to .br already (though I’m not sending it, so that doesn’t help), and am not sure how to filter on the froms (which of course aren’t all .br). *sigh

  2. I feel your pain. Someone used my address once to spam the entire US Congress. At Christmas. So I got 535+ “Thanks for emailing me, I’m on vacation back home with my constituents and I’ll get to your issue as soon as I’m back in Washington!” and various other auto-repliers. The + is because it wasn’t just the CongressPeople… it was their staffpeople too. groan
    The internet was nice before we let the great unwashed in.