Things Getting Resolved

Finally some things have been brought to finality here. Insurance finally came out with the second part of the installment, bring that whole stupid thing to an end. So now I have a nice $5000 check in my account, which will most likely head straight into my in-laws pockets, as they did most of the buying of the tools. Also revenue canada got my rebate back (man it’s nice when money magically appears in your account), so I paid off the loan which I got to get my RRSPs this year (man it sucks when money magically disappears from your account). So I’m once again back to even for the most part, and can now start saving money again for things like holidays or whatever. Just hope that’ll happen sometime soon, money around here seems to be always tight. Course, the last credit card bill has been paid off, and not a log has gone on this month, so things will look better soon.

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