Insurrection, a Subversion Web Tool

Just found a nifty looking tool called Insurrection, a web front end to a Subversion source code repository. Look really nifty, I’ll have to set this up for my source code SVN setup.

One Comment on “Insurrection, a Subversion Web Tool”

  1. I am glad you like Insurrection – it has been fun building a good web front-end to Subversion. (Plus some challenges)
    I have set up a hosting service for Insurrection/Subversion based repositories. (I happen to have written Insurrection) The final touches are still being put into the billing system, so there is no billing yet (thus no paying customers) but the system is up an running.
    Once the billing system in working, I will be opening up and for customers. Very reasonable cost for high-quality, reliable, backed up Subversion hosting.