Another One for the Wishlist, Sonos Music System

If anyone out there has a lot of love and some deep pockets, you can feel free to buy me the Sonos Digital Music System (slashdot commentary, Mad Penguin review). It’s sort of like a high end version of something like the Squeezebox. Any number of wireless players are connected to your computer with it’s collection of music, all controlled from a very sweet handheld controller. All of the players talk wirelessly, securely, and can be controlled independantly and grouped into zones. So if you’re having a party (as I will be for my 30th in November) you can have them all play the same at once, or you can having different music on each zone (or group the zones together, so bluegrass plays in the office and front porch area, and rock in the kitchen and bedroom). Expensive ($1,100 for 2 players and the controller bundle), but tres cool. Oh, and it’s all run by linux as well, sounds like it’s very hackable! (seti running on each player anyone?) 🙂