Anyone Else Get Bad Shaw Pings?

Anyone else having really crappy Shaw service lately? I’ve seen my cable modem jump offline and then back on again at least once or twice a day and am getting 13% packet loss sometimes. Hopefully it’s not just me, cause Nothing Has Changed since it was working fine….

4 Comments on “Anyone Else Get Bad Shaw Pings?”

  1. I’ll have to check when we get home. Bit Torrents have been pretty slow on our connection, but we also have an ancient cable modem. We’re switching over to XTreme-I today, though, so we’ll see if the new modem makes a difference.

  2. I have noticed messages from big brother recently on my home connection. I attributed it to bittorrent, but I’m not doing that now and still getting those messages… When I get home on Friday I’ll reset things and see if that makes things better. So yes, I have as well…

  3. I wonder if they shut down your cable modem a few times a day to kill any large downloads… hmmm…
    Darren, let us know how XTreme-I works for you. Is it worth the extra $10 a month?