Personal Update

Been a while since I’ve said what’s going on in the world of me, and a lot has been happening lately, so here goes….

Personal Improvement
I took (after much convincing) the PSI Basica seminar. A lot of different opinions on them are out there, but for me it was really good. I’ve set some goals lately and have been getting a lot better feel for things at work, and have even gotten complements about my work lately.

Working out
Got my gym membership again with a place here in town, have been going (well, only got it a couple of weeks ago) 4 times a week or so. They set up a program for me (though pretty generic…. to get a personalized program setup I’d probably have to go to a trainer.

Office is clean and de-dusted! Finally did this (again) with the addition of discovering the joy of velcro tie-straps, so now (some of) my cables are in a little more control. I’m still looking for a KVM that does dual-monitor, audio, and USB (the two I’ve seen are the TK-210K (doesn’t do USB2, only 1.1) and the Belkin F1DH102U (expensive)). I’m thinking that if I can change my 4 usb device cables, two separate KVMs and two sets of audio cables into one nice KVM cable to each computer and then all the devices just plug into a KVM on the desk. Either way, things are a lot nicer now.

Not a huge amount of movement here, but the office was the first step, I’m looking at this as the first step. I was also very brutal throwing stuff out in the office, and plan to continue doing that as I clean the rest of the house. I have some literature for the deck design, and have contacted a guy here at work that does housebuilding about what to do with the basement.

My folks came back from a long holiday, and it’s great to have them back.

The Battlefield 2 demo came out and it kicks ass. Squad and team based play, huge maps (64 players), different classes of player (medic, sniper, assault, etc), vehicles, fantastic graphics, etc etc. Other than some bugs and a server browser that’s pretty crappy, very much fun, and takes up the small times of free time I have on the computer lately.

Uhm…. uhm…. I’m sure there’s more, but right now my brain is gone.